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The Right Bike Fit for YOU - Guaranteed

We stand behind and have pride in our work. It actually matters to us that our services help YOU have the best athletic experience possible. Looking for the right tri bike? We will find it for you. If you have a bike already we will make sure your fit is optimized. Either way, you will LOVE your bike. That is our money-back pledge. If something isn't right, we will fix it or give you a full refund on any and all fitting charges. No bull. Please talk to any of our hundreds of customers. Talk to the coaches who send us their athletes. We look forward to working with you.


The Amazing TTFitBike REVEALED!
Our new Web App, (beta version) is live!

Demystify your fit: shows you what tri bikes fit you best, and gives you a place to store your fit setups in the cloud. We even show you how to properly measure your bike. It's only in beta now, and there will be plenty more features to come.

TTBikeFit's Own Lisbeth Kenyon WINS in Kona, for her 4th Ironman World Championship!

Check out our newly updated Speed Shop!

New products include Rotor cranks and Q-rings, Quarq power meters, Hoka One One running shoes, Fuel Belt products, and more! These are products that we carefully selected because they WORK, and they specifically address the special needs of triathletes and time trialists. We also have videos demonstrating the products' features, and tips for their use.

TTBikeFit's Own Lisbeth Kenyon 3rd overall at Norseman Xtreme, World's Toughest Iron-distance Tri, breaking exiting course record!
Check out her race report here, and watch the EPIC video below:

TTBikeFit's Own Lisbeth Kenyon WINS KONA for the 3rd Consecutive Year, keeps AG course record, winning by 14 minutes!
Check out our BLOG for more Kona reports, pics, and videos!

TTBikeFit Athletes Grab Kona Slots in Lake Placid:

"I just thought I would let you know that the fit continues to pay dividends. I was 2nd off the bike in my AG, and did that on an average of 200W. I was shocked at how fast I was going on the flats w/o having to work very hard. Anyway, I gave away two places on the run, but still set a 12' PR over my 2008 race, set a new bike PR, and will be off to the Big Island again. Also, I noticed at Mooseman that people would escape on the hills and I would reel them in on the flats. Once again, it is all about the aerodynamics." - Matt Pokress, 4th 35-39, 9:40

"Hey Todd, I just wanted to thank you for setting me up for a great race! After my nightmare swim, I knew I needed to ride my way back into the race on Sunday. Not only did your fit allow me to do that but I was able to get off the bike and run a 3:12 marathon. Great job on your part. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I grabbed the one roll-down slot in my AG so I'll see you in Kona in October. Thanks again! Sean Reilly, 11th 40-44, 10:02

"Todd - In case I haven't told you - I LOVE my Kestrel bike! Because I have gotten so much faster riding the Kestrel, I was able to win my age group at Lake Placid and set a new course record. All of this was totally unexpected because it was my first Ironman and I don't run very well. However, I was able to put about 45 minutes between myself and the other women in my age group when the bike was done, and fortunately, no one quite made up the difference on the run. So now I'm heading to Kona! Thank you so much for recommending the bike and for the great bike fit and for the emergency headset repair the Monday before Lake Placid." - Neil Withington, aka Mary Houbolt, 1st 60-64

A Great (unsolicited) Testimonial from Chicago Bears and Notre Dame star defensive lineman Jim Flanigan:

"As a former 310lb defensive lineman and 10 year NFL vet with less than optimal flexibility, I didn't know if I was physically capable of getting in a comfortable and aero position on the bike. After two years of trying and several expensive bike shop fittings, I almost gave up. A 30 minute video consultation and analysis with Todd eliminated all my issues, put me in a very comfortable, powerful and aero position and helped me achieve an eight minute bike PR at my first 70.3 of the season! Anyone who rides a bike should use Period." - Jim Flanigan, online fit client Another Great Testimonial: Thanks Todd! New fit has me 1 gear higher and 2mph faster even on the trainer!!! Amazing!!! - RM, 24-hour racer and RAAM hopeful

The TriFitLab and TTBikeFit is the ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD (in the future select facilities around the world will be able to offer this service as well) you can get this type of fit and performance optimization. This new service combines motion analysis with real-time, while-you-are-hammering position tweaking on our amazing automated fit bike (we designed it to our own specs, nothing else out there has its capabilities). The TTFitBike allows you to ride hard at or near your threshold while we tweak your position and record your data. We can vary all fit parameters (saddle height, seat angle, drop, reach) INDEPENDENTLY of each other - and you never have to stop pedaling or reduce your power! You can immediately feel the effect of small or large position changes, and we can immediately visualize the effects on your heart rate, power output, cadence, etc.


4:41 IM FL

Lisbeth WINS Kona!!!
40-44 World champ! Dede gets top 10! More champions for TTBikeFit!

The TriFitLab is HERE!!
We have opened a new kind of Tri destination! It features a state of the art fit studio with 4 simultaneous cameras, big-screen monitor, spinscan, and our amazing fit bike, a multi-rider Computrainer indoor cycling studio featuring Ergvideos, performance testing, all along with retail space featuring Kestrel and Blue bikes!! The TriFitLab is located in Warren, RI!

Duathlon World Champ and Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker gets his first TT Bike (!) fit by TTBikefit
We started him on our (top secret) TTFitBike and then moved to his Orbea. Jarrod's comments after his first few rides on the TT machine:

"Todd fit me perfectly on my new TT bike. Despite being a triathlete I had never ridden on a TT bike until a few days ago and I felt comfortable and powerful immediately. My power output is INSANELY high on the TT bike. Some say I look more comfy on my TT bike than my road bike. Todd's fits are amazingly detailed and accurate and once again he made my bike feel perfect for me."

We may be "The Human Missle Factory" but that doesn't mean we can't help less experienced athletes... another awesome testimonial (after getting fitted on his new Kestrel Airfoil):

"Wanted to write you and fill you in after my ride yesterday. I LOVE THIS BIKE! I'm confident that I have made a perfect choice both on man and machine! Your personal service was a cut above as was your professionalism and technical proficiency. As far as the machine goes, I think I've said it all. Great machine! This can be a high dollar sport. Even though my purchase was modest by many standards, It was big for me. Thank you for providing a genuine, outstanding service. I'll be recommending you without hesitation. Please feel free to use me as a reference." -TJ

Some recent comments from the pointy end of the field:

"47 miler on TT bike, including 28 miles in 1:11...that thing is a rocket ship thanks to @ttbikefit"- PM

"Thanks again for your help in making me faster! I just did my A-race this weekend (Steelhead 70.3) in the aero position you put me in and I'm happy to report I had a better than expected bike split, especially given the conditions - the last 18 miles were into 20-25mph headwinds yet I still averaged 20mph during that stretch. I was passing people left and right. It also helped secure me get a podium finish and a slot in Clearwater!" - JH

If you are dubious about the benefits of a good bike fit, please check out our Testimonials page. We have more than 50 up there now!

The TTBikeFit / Endurance Nation Guide to Triathlon Bike Fit Ebook!

We joined forces with Endurance Nation to produce this one-of-a-kind Ebook. It includes 45 min of audio and 30 mins of video analysis. Download it for FREE! And if you follow the link, you can get access to our 90 min Bike Fit Webinar presented on March 29.


"My previous best was a 22 for a 40K bike. However, this weekend I was able to average 22.9 mph"

"The real world results are beyond words - pretty amazing!!!!! ...feel the best I have in 15 years...

"I just feel that this is soooo much better than before! A few tests on the road, tells me that my treshold watts have increased by about 50!"

"I cannot believe how much faster I am - today I was over 15 mins quicker over 50 miles!!"

"I cut off 3 min and 10 sec from my best 30k timeā€¦"

"I shaved 3 minutes off that time and upped my average power output about 30 watts as well!"

"I just cannot believe how much faster the position is. I never would have believed it."

"A @#%$&*! Human Missile. Just did my local 90' loop -- on a windy day -- in 82 mins. 22mph is the new cruise speed. Killer."

"I've probably added about 1-1.5 mph to my average over the old tt bike. I didn't know that a bike change and a tweak here and there could make such a difference."

Nothing will do more for your speed than an optimal bike fit that gives you the "Big Three": AERODYNAMICS, POWER and COMFORT - not just one or two. But how do you know if YOUR bike fit is optimal?

Whether you are just getting started, or you are a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from bike fit analysis. Lots of athletes assume that a flat aero position requires extreme flexibility and core strength, and is something only elites can achieve. WRONG! If you've had back or shoulder problems that you attribute to being "too low", chances are it had nothing to do with the degree of "lowness", but was caused by a too-narrow hip angle and/or a too-long cockpit. You cannot simply change one thing on an aero bike and assume you are fit properly - everything interacts: drop, seat angle, seat height, and reach. Without a biomechanical bike fit analysis you are shooting in the dark. We find again and again that our clients are MORE COMFORTABLE, MORE POWERFUL, and MORE AERO.

We are the original digital bike fit experts for anyone who races against the clock. Aero-position bike fit is totally different than standard road bike fit. Bike fit formulas based on static measures of body dimensions are not sufficient to find a good aero position. Only body angle analysis can tell the whole story, and the best way to do that is to measure angles under load and in-motion, not in a posed state.

Our bike fit protocol also works great for road bike fits! We can make sure that your body is tracking through the same angles exhibited by the world's top professional road racers.

Best of all, if you don't live somehwere near Rhode Island, we can do your bike fit online for a very reasonable price. Until now, most people didn't have access to an experienced bike fitter that specializes in aero positioning. Now everyone does!

We can help you:
  • Get faster and more comfortable on your current bike
  • Decide which new frame will work best for you
  • Choose components and upgrades
WE RACE, just like you. We've been racing triatlons and time trials for 16 years, from sprint to Ironman distance. We've made the mistakes, figured out the solutions, and now we can pass them on to you.


Find out more on our Why get a bike fit? page.
Find out how our online bike fit works .
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(Can't see the videos? Download this free utility.)
We've done online bike fits for riders in:

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Online Tri, TT or Road Bike Fit
We now use the REVOLUTIONARY TTFITBIKE for ALL in-person fits!
Upload a video of yourself on the turbo trainer and we'll help you optimze your position for comfort, power and aerodynamics:
  • Optimize saddle height through knee angle analysis
  • Optimize power through hip angle analysis
  • Optimize comfort through torso angle analysis, saddle and front end adjustment recommendations
  • Optimize knee tracking and alignment (front angle video required)
  • Check for asymmetries (front angle and both-sides video required)
  • Obtain the most aero position possible in accordance with your experience and race goals
You'll receive:
  • A fully narrated downloadable video analysis (or analyses) of your current position and recommendations for changes, along with side by side and overlay comparison of your position and those of elite and professional athletes
  • A followup analysis of your video after any changes are made
  • If you need additional followups or advice to get it right, it's all included!
  • Consultation (neutral and unbiased!!) on equipment choices and confguration: we can help you choose a new frame or component upgrades
  • $225 Aero, $200 Road
In-Person Tri, TT or Road Bike Fit
Visit us in Warren, RI. You'll receive all of the above, plus:
  • TTFitBike allows us to find optimal position and then transfer to your bike
  • The TTFitBike allows quick changes of all fit parameters while you ride, including saddle tilt.
  • Rapid crank length and saddle swaps for easy comparisons
  • Cleat placement analysis combined with knee tracking analysis and varus/valgus wedging if needed
  • Fit session on a Computrainer for power and spin scan analysis
  • Storage of your fit coordinates on our site
  • Opportunity to try out Adamo/Cobb etc saddles - we carry demo saddles!
  • We do all needed fit-related mechanical work, and any light installation and tune-up work needed
  • Any needed followup adjustments/consultations are included, and satisfaction is guaranteed - if it's not right we will work until it is
  • $295 Aero Fit, $270 Road Fit
Pre-Buy Fitting / Sizing
Find out which bikes and sizes will fit you the best - know what you need BEFORE visiting a shop or ordering online!
  • Visit us here at the Lab and we'll put you on our revolutionary automated TTFitBike!
  • We will find the perfect aero position for you and then calculate which frames will accomodate your position.
  • You will be able to see and feel the effects immediately when we change fit parameters WHILE YOU ARE PEDALING UNDER LOAD!
  • Storage of your fit coordinates on our site and a pdf fit sheet with best frames and sizes for you.
  • If you cannot visit us, we can do a pre-buy fit online - CLICK for details.
  • Neutral, educated advice on frame and component selection
  • Avoid making a costly mistake - get the right frame the first time!
  • FitBike: $149 Online: $99 - REFUNDABLE if you get a bike thru us!
Custom Bike Building
We can build you the bike of your dreams. Bring your own frame and components, or we can arrange to acquire some or all needed parts:
  • Frame-up building or assembly work - if you have ordered a bike or frame online we'll be happy to build it for you
  • Outfit your current frame with upgraded components
  • Swap your current components on to a new frame
  • Have your bike built and outfitted by experienced triathletes - we'll make sure you are outfitted with everything you need, and nothing more
  • Neutral advice on frame and component selection
  • Get the bike you want, built how you want it to be built.

Questions? Please email us
"The biggest changes in aerodynamic drag and in cycling performance come from changes in body position, which can improve 40k time by over 6 minutes. An excellent position on a regular bike with regular wheels will allow you to out perform a rider with a typical position on an aero bike with aero wheels by 3 to 4 minutes." -
TTBikeFit Athletes Get RESULTS!
Ironman World Championships:
Lis Kenyon 1st

Mary Houbolt 4th

Lisbeth Kenyon 1st PLACE at Eagleman
Pro Alicia Kaye 1st PLACE at Lifetime Oceanside, Lifetime Tempe, Chicago Tri, Cap Tex (Huge bike PR) and St. Anthony's!

Brigitte Paulick 1st Rev3 Quassy, 2nd Galveston 70.3, huge PRs at both
St. Croix AG winners: Russo and Houbolt!

For More VIDEOS and ARTICLES see our BLOG or You Tube Channel (over 2 million views!)


TTBikeFit's own Lisbeth Kenyon gets 3rd overall in Norseman Xtreme!
IM Lou 2012 Andy Salmon 9:52, 6th 30-34

IM Mont Tremblant 2012 Kona qualifier: John Lariviere 9:58

IM TX 2012 Kona qualifiers: Pat Mccrann 9:27 35-39 AG WIN!, Peter Ramsay 9:41 3rd 45-49!

Triathlete Magazine lists TTBikeFit as "one of our favorite bike fitters"!

TTBikeFit Pros and Age Groupers Ripping it Up!
TTBikeFit's own Lisbeth Kenyon WINS KONA 3rd year in a row!
Linnea H 2nd in Kona, Mary H 3rd!
Pro Alicia Kaye WINS DC 5150!
Rev3 Quassy Overall win + AG win
Kona Podiums: Lisbeth Kenyon AG record, Mary Houbolt 3rd!
Pro Jarrod Shoemaker crowned US CHAMP!
Kona Slots at IMUSA Lake Placid!
Clearwater Slots at Providence 70.3!

2009 Ironman World Championships, Kona:

Lisbeth Kenyon crowned 40-44 Ironman World Champion 2009!
(click for gallery)

More Kona podiums: John O'Connell 4th 45-49, Joni Hafner 5th 55-59

TTBikeFit Pro Jarrod Shoemaker
WINS 2010 US National Championships, International Distance; 2009 ITU Duathlon Worlds!

IM USA Lake Placid 2009:

3 TTBikeFits Nab Kona slots:

Jeff Capobianco 9:48, 8th amateur overall, runs 3:08

Vinu Malik 10:07, 34th amateur, runs 3:24

Sean Snow 10:10, 10th 40-44, runs 3:30

Lots of other finishers:

Andy Salmon hits goals, runs 3:13

Diana LaJoie 17 minute PR

Note all these guys had great bike legs and then ran really fast off the bike - you need a good bike fit to do that!

Providence 70.3:

Lisbeth Kenyon misses overall AG win by 35 secs but nearly beats Michellie Jones on the bike (28 secs) - best amateur bike split, only beaten by 2 pros!

John O'Connell 1st 45-49, nabs Kona slot, 2:17 bike

Andrew Kallfelz, 2nd(?!) triathlon ever, 2:19 bike split, nabs Clearwater slot

Dean McElwain takes 40 mins off last year's time!

Top two women's bike splits at Old Colony Tri

Lisbeth Kenyon wins Patriot Half Ironman Overall by 14 mins, best bike split by 9+mins!

Lisbeth Kenyon wins Rev3 Half Ironman Overall by 5+mins, best bike split by 6+mins!

Dede Griesbauer
WINS Ironman Brazil, crushes the field on the bike with a 4:59 split!
7th at St. Anthony's, 2nd fastest bike split, 2min BIKE PR!

Jarrod Shoemaker
Ranked #5 in the world! 8th in Washington DC, 12th in Madrid, 6th at Tongyeong ITU World Championship Series, 8th at Ishigaki World Cup!

2009 IM Brazil winner and 2X Top 10 Kona Pro Dede Griesbauer's New Bike and Position!
Dede's Blog

Dede's comments:
"Check out my new bike. I think you'll agree, I am incredibly more aero on the Airfoil. Todd Kenyon from and my mechanic extraordinaire, Brian Hughes from Fast Splits ( ) have encouraged me to take advantage of the greater latitude the Kestrel offers in terms of my position. What amazed me most; I am more comfortable."
TTBF Blog post here

ITU Duathlon World Champion and 2008 Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker gets a TTBikeFit!
Jarrod's Blog

Jarrod's comments:
"The bike fit I got last week is feeling amazing...everything feels great right now... power and feel on the bike is great and no calf issues."

Check out the story on!

New England Tri Legend John O'Connell visits TTBikeFit!

For those of you not "old-school" enough to remember John, he used to mix it up with the big boys in the early days of tri, and was known as one of the strongest cyclists in the sport. More importantly, John was and is a heck of a nice guy who was always willing to help a novice out. He's making a comeback this year, and I would say he's well on his way since my Computrainer is still smoking from the 1000 watt output. Note that John rode the unusual solid-framed Trimble in the old days. Look for him on a new version before too long. In the mean time he'll be switching to a TTX.

John's comments:
"Todd, It was great to meet you and your wife today. I was just thinking back to the early years of triathlon and remembering my first pro race when Mike Pigg showed up at the Bud Light USTS Miami in '86 or '87 with a pair of the original aero bars designed my Boone Lennon. He crushed the invincible Scott Molina on the bike that day. The very next day I was fortunate enough to have a prototype sent out which I attached and just rode in the "aero position". There would be many bars and many crazy positions that would follow not to mention other gadgets that supposedly "increased power" or "improved position". Seat tube angles would later change as well. However, through all of this technological change no one actually was able to pull it all together for the athlete in terms of what was best for them individually when it came to their own optimal position and bike for that matter. It seemed like it was all a guessing game as to what "looked" or "felt" right. Today that guessing game was eliminated for me. In my opinion anyone that rides a bike, in a triathlon especially, should use your system! It is hands down the best! Sincerely. John- Triathlete since 1982."

Check out John pulling Scott Tinley through most of the 1989 Kona bike leg here

Lisbeth breaks age group course record with a 10:10 win (3rd overall) at Ironman Arizona

New Pro Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald gets an online TTBikeFit!
Alex was top amateur in Kona 2007 and raced Kona this year as a pro.

Alex's comments:
"Working with TT Bike Fit was very easy and very helpful. After I sent in a video I quickly received back a highly detailed video analysis of my position and recommendations for improvements. What impressed me the most is that there was a lengthy explanation including angles and distances to explain the benefit of each recommendation. Lastly, my position was compared with some athletes of similar and better caliber than myself to demonstrate how these changes may look and what affect they may have. After working with TT Bike Fit I am riding more powerfully, more comfortably and most importantly more quickly."

Check out Alex's Blog

Endurance Nation Announces Partnership with (Click Here)

Triathlon legends Karen Smyers and Dede Griesbauer visit TTBikeFit HQ!
Read the interview on xtri

Dede's comments:
"Having spent the day with Todd and Lisbeth yesterday, these guys are top notch. The system they have is very cool, and Todd is highly knowledgeable and extremely thoughtful...What a super experience!!"

Check out Dede's Blog

Lisbeth's course record at Ironman Florida (fastest IM time by an amateur WORLDWIDE in 2007: 9:41:38) stands for one more year!

Our Sports Motion Software is inexpensive and easier to use than others.

Visit our software page for example videos and info.